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SE VENDE is an ACID GARAGE ROCK- PUNK- SURF band based in Rincon Puerto Rico and The Lower East Side of New York City.

Blasted from the purple intergalactic smoking mothership, drenched in sweat to play it loud for all you girls and boys!
Manolo (vocals/ front man/ percussion) and the only native Puerto Rican in the band, grew up surfing the waters of Rincon.
Rincon in one of the top 10 surfing destinations in the world. During the winter months, Rincon turns into a savage party town that will chew you up and spit you out quickly with NO mercy! SE VENDE developed their orgasmic & furious stage show playing for crowds of surfer, substance induced sex addicts. Playing along side the very best of the Puerto Rican music scene with highlights including RAMAS FESTIVAL and VIVO BEACH CLUB GREENFEST, tours of the USA/ Europe starting in Spring of 2020 and countless shows over winter 2019, both in Puerto Rico and New York City. SE VENDE continues to bring their explosive climactic show to everyone and everywhere.
Yuri (GTRS), Joe Love (DRUMS), George (BASS). All grew up in New York. Their love for The Ramones, The Clash, The Misfits, Link Wray, The Sonics, NO FX, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and many more brought this misfit caravan of gypsy pirates together.
SE VENDE’s first record ‘LA ESTACION” is named after Manolo’s family store front/ bar hangout were the band recorded, rehearsed and played their first gigs. La Estacion is the oldest bar in Rincon with over 100 years of history.
SE VENDE’s songs are euphoric anthems of social commentary “we sing about what we know” says Manolo “The truth tells the story”
SE VENDE! means ‘FOR SALE” Puerto Rico is the world’s oldest colony!

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